Could you launch someone’s career with this blog?

In 1987 a newspaper clipping arrived in the post from my aunt and uncle. It was a report about a new media training programme being launched in the North West of England and they wondered if it might help me in the struggle to get on the first step of a career in radio. From that article I was able to open the door and everything else I have been fortunate to experience throughout my working life has followed directly from it.

Today, this blog is your chance to help someone you know to step into an exciting career opportunity as the automotive sector embraces mobility and adapts to new ways of thinking. It’s a fast-track opening for fresh, bright minds to be at the forefront of change to tackle technological, digital and retail challenges.

Called ‘Drivers of Change’ it’s a competition created by Ennis & Co and Autocar to find the brightest and best minds and influence the way organisations work. Age and experience are irrelevant and three winners (one per category) will each receive £5,000 but more importantly during the process will meet industry leaders, create a network of contacts and put themselves in the spotlight for career openings.

Autocar Drivers of Change in partnership with Ennis & Co is now open for applications and the link for more information is here. Already 14 industry organisations are involved covering all aspects of the industry from design and development innovation through to global car brands, the UK’s leading retailers, and world-leading marketing partners. Simply forward this blog or send the link – but do it today before you forget.

Sharing news about opportunities is a selfless act that can change lives and it takes only a moment, unlike the 1980s when you needed scissors, an envelope and a stamp! Whose career will you start with this blog?

Al Clarke is Chairman of the Advisory Group at Ennis & Co the executive search organisation trusted by many of the world’s leading automotive brands to appoint their senior leaders. 


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