So, what is it that you do?

I spend my working life helping leaders of organisations bring their innovative, often challenging, ideas to reality. A glance through my LinkedIn profile and the topics I engage with and talk about may not provide an obvious answer.

A career starting in journalism, with experience in a major automotive trade association, luxury car manufacturer,  and delivering programmes to launch electric vehicles, a £1 billion low-carbon accelerator and an environmental NGO have provided me with skills to help people achieve their goals.

This covers four main areas of activity

Technology start-ups and re-starts – helping the founder and executive team of organisations bring order to the chaos, simplifying and streamlining activities to focus on the key things to ensure survival and growth.

People and skills – working with the executive search team at Ennis & Co, global specialists in automotive and mobility. We find amazing people to lead companies at the cutting edge of the drive to net-zero emissions. We also support the UK Automotive Council as members of key working groups for skills and DE&I.

Sustainable technology and innovation – bringing practical and commercial experience with my network and hands-on delivery to accelerate the mission of organisations striving to solve problems that will make a difference to our world.

Communications and networking – hosting and presenting webinars, videos, podcasts, conferences and events where I bring my experience of business and media to deliver the most effective and engaging content.

You will see posts from me about technology and policy across sectors including automotive, education, agriculture, environment and health including the development of medicinal cannabis.

The theme in my work is helping organisations and people who are making a positive contribution to improve life and the environment – and if that’s you, then get in touch. You never know where a conversation may lead..


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