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Does your income depend in any way on transport? If it does, read on, because it’s going to change and the question to consider is; will you change it, or will you be changed by it.

Transport goes way beyond the obvious things (traditional makers and sellers of cars, motorcycles, vans and lorries) it means insurance, logistics, retailing (yes supermarkets and online), telecoms and technology. It includes the people who build and operate roads, design and construct cities and car parks and the people and businesses who finance them. Lots of people. Just like you.

The current systems are being disrupted right now by new technology and new ideas; Uber, Tesla, Amazon, Metro Bank, Zipcar, Doddle, Deliveroo, Purplebricks, Trivago – exciting new approaches, but they’re shifting the sand under our feet and we need to embrace them.

On 28th March 2017 there will be an event in London to describe how £100 million announced in the 2016 Autumn statement will be invested in testing the infrastructure for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs).

So what?

The UK has a real opportunity to play a leading role in the future of CAVs and we can be part of it – if we want.

  • We have a MegaCity in London with world class congestion – the perfect place to test and develop the new solutions which will power future transport systems!
  • We have four of the world’s top 10 universities ready and willing to think through the solutions.
  • We have world class finance, insurance and legal organisations and people able to facilitate the next generation of transport systems.
  • We have a ‘can-do’ mindset as a nation, which is both open and collaborative, recognised throughout the world and we now have £100 million to get the party started.
  • And we have people like you and me who can make it happen, here in the UK.
  • If your company has any connections with transport, send this link to them  they may be eligible to apply for funding or they may just want to keep up to date with news about the project.

The UK is in the game to be a leader in the race for the future of transport. Why not join in and find out?

To register for the event and have your say or find out more about the UK CAV testing infrastructure vision click here

If you’re able to come to the event you’ll hear from the leading figures in this area including:

See you there?


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