007 Business Tips from James Bond

October 2012 is a big month for James Bond. 60 years in print (the first book being Casino Royale) and 50 years on film (the first was Dr No with Sean Connery), the Bond franchise has achieved success beyond the silver screen and has embraced the internet age with ever greater success. So are there lessons we can learn in business from 007?

Heritage. Old rubbish or the renewable energy inside your brand?

It’s official. Old is the new black. Heritage is cool. Last century’s stuff is now in vogue. So, dig out your old products and brands, because there’s gold in them there hills! After years buried away and forgotten in the corporate rubbish heap, forced downwards like fossils under the weight of ‘the next big thing’ the back catalogue of products …

10 Business Reasons To Use Twitter

This blog is about Twitter and why it matters for business. It’s aimed at you if you’re just curious about the whole Twitter thing or maybe you are a ‘never in my lifetime’ Twitter agnostic. It’s an executive briefing to get you ahead of the social media game, armed with information to review your own Twitter use and that of …

FairFuel UK – this year’s most effective comms programme?

‘The best things in life are free’ sang the Beatles, but the best things in PR are usually free and also simple. In fact one of the best PR campaigns in years proves this point. It was launched by the road haulage industry here in the UK as part of a fight for the survival of their livelihoods.